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A couple of days in the French countryside

A couple of days in the countryside: Suns rise I

After a period of strenuous work and little or no time to relax, shoot images and get away from the city, I took of for a couple of days in the French countryside. It proved not only to be very relaxing and "de-stressing" but also an excellent moment to start shooting images again after a 5 month "near" lay off.

Nothing was planned, everything was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. It's nice when you do not have to do things or join activities but you want to do things and activities because it's relaxing and not done under pressure. France wasn't to far away (about 7 hours driving in an Alfa Romeo is fun....)

France is a beautiful country, has many things to offer ranging from simple country life to strenuous winter sports and kayaking, lounging at a Nice beach to a wine tour through the Bourgogne region, to cheese tasting all over the country. From the more colder northern and higher up regions to the warmer ones in the south. It's a big country with many different types of activities you can indulge in, not the last eating good food, drink fine wines and just kick back.

One thing I do not enjoy (actually hate very much) is the often rude attitude (and slow service) employees of restaurants, bars and cafe's show. I thought that we had it bad in The Netherlands but my experiences cover a long time and I still am baffled what makes these people act like that, not because of me..I am easy like Sunday morning until they get on my bad side :). I might not be the best ambassador for French tourism but I can really honestly say it's worth the trip where ever you come from .

Vive La France, vive la difference..

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