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Broken Hearts

Once Apon A Time

These are two very special people.And here is there story.Betty and Phillip Kranz Traveled alot after phillip got out of the Navy.When they had four boys,and where grandparents,they moved to Haines City,FL, into a big house.Betty had all kinds of cool stuff,from Korea ,and lots of other places.Phillip got cancer and passed away in 2002.Betty got diabeties soonafter,and fought it for along time.In 2006 she found that she had breast cancer,and got rid of it as soon as possiable.soo after was back in the hospital,and this time was final.She died of kidney failer in 2006.This story may not mean alot to you,but it does to mr because these are my grandparents.And they tought me something know one else could...To Fight.

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