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Lowepro SlingShot AW 200

Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW

I shoot a lot of Ghost Towns and landscapes, which generally requires a lot of hiking to get to a more interesting vantage point and standing around waiting for the light to turn favorable. One of the most frustrating aspects of this has always been dealing with camera bags. They are generally giant backpacks that you can fit a lot of stuff in, but they are a big production to get things out of, or they are easy to get things out of but extremely uncomfortable to hike in or stand around with.

A while back I picked up a LowePro SlingShot AW 200. I have always loved LowePro bags, they tend to be well thought out, super configurable and are usually really understated in their design. The SlingShot is all of these things with an excellent addition of a clever shoulder strap system. It has a single shoulder strap that crosses over your chest that is easy to get on and perfectly balances the weight of whatever equipment you are carrying. With a simple motion the whole bag can be slung around to your front, putting all of your equipment at your fingertips without taking the bag off.

Because of this design, the SlingShot has made me less lazy about swapping lenses in the field. I primarily shoot with prime lenses (non-zoom) but most of the other camera bags I used either required I take the bag off of my back to get out another lens or that I had to dig around forever to find the lens in the first place. The SlingShot, with it's single crossover shoulder strap just slides around to my front in a simple motion with all of the lens holders right in front of me. It even acts as a sort of platform to rest things on while i swap out the lenses.

The bag also has some other really thoughtful features like a built in LCD screen protector and lens cloth (which is just in the right place when you sling the back down in front of you) and a built in rain proof cover. Additionally I really appreciate that it doesn't look much like a camera bag so I tend to worry less that I look like I am hauling around thousands of dollars worth of equipment on my back when traveling.

But perhaps the best thing about this bag is that ever since buying it I carry my camera with my much more often than I ever did with any of my old bags, and that makes it worth the price alone.

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  • Mal Stewart

    Mal Stewart gave props (26 Mar 2009):

    Hey Paul, good story and very appropiate for me . I'm off to check this bag out as I've been lugging all my gear around in an old Lowepro Trimtech Ultimate which is an absolute dog of a thing as far as practicallity fits plenty in, but as you say here, a real major undertaking to get anything out easlily. Cheers,Mal.

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