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blue walls

Shades of blue were prominently used in India for fabrics, paintings, murals, relief work and external coloured plaster. Out of these the bare blue plastered walls always look so dramatic and eye-catching.

In medieval towns in India, I find beautiful blues on many a wall. These walls stand out. The hues, shades and textures on these are so brilliant; one wonders where the blues are lost in the new parts of the city.

In ancient India, these blues were obtained from Indigo, mixed with lime plaster. The vertical and horizontal stroke application renders such a wonderful texture that change with time and season. The varying amounts of blues and undulations on the surface of walls unwittingly leave a beautiful painted surface telling its own story.

As modernist ideologies in architecture change our thinking about vernacular techniques, and building types, these blues are fast disappearing and a new clinical dull set of buildings and colours replace these dramatic old ones.

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