My Precious

Mount Fuji in my pocket.

My precious
The writings on the wall
Time to smell the flowers
New York City Waterfalls
Miss Liberty across the water
A hungry person

As a professional photographer using Nikon equipment, I usually get a strange look of disbelief whenever I tell people that my personal choice of camera to capture street scenes is the discontinued FujiFilm Z5fd. "I don't believe it!" is usually the common remark I get. I guess most people think that a 6.3 MegaPixels point-&-shoot camera is incapable of producing sharp photos until they see my JPGmag photos.

Ten reasons why I use this camera:

1. It's compact and small. It's about the size of an i-phone and it fits snuggly inside my pockets. It allows me to blend in with the crowd.

2. It has an equivalent to 35-105mm zoom on a 35mm camera. It has a non - retractable lens. From my experienced I have discovered retractable lenses attract attention regardless of how small it is.

3. I can set this camera manually.The first thing I do is suppressed flash and turn-off all sounds, a must when shooting people candidly indoors or outdoors.

4. I can control the ISO and can also adjust the exposures to my preference. I prefer to be in charged of this department. It does get noisy on ISO above 400. I use the CS3 noise reducer to cure this problem.

5. It has a great macro lens. That flower shot was on macro mode with intelligent flash on.

6. It has better lag time than the Nikon 5100!

7. No auto-focus light beam shoots when you aim it in darker places.

8. The battery life is good. Without flash I can shoot around 300 images on normal mode.

9. It has intelligent flash that you get good exposures even when shooting on a macro mode, However, it has a short range of about seven feet maximum. But with this camera's size, it is to be expected.

10. The camera is no longer in production but I still use this camera to take pictures for fun without people noticing me. There are only 10 samples here, but as you can probably tell, the majority of my shots are taken on the street with this camera.

Feel free to send me your comments and feedback.

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  • Ronald K

    Ronald K said (2 Apr 2009):

    Thanks for the article, I will consider this camera for street photography.

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