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Kinabalu Mountain: A Landscape Photography Subject.

Mt Kinabalu From Top
Morning Sky
Mt Kinabalu Sun Rise
Mt Kinabalu Sabah Panorama Sun Rise
Mt Kinabalu Sabah Panorama Sun Rise
Kinabalu Mountain Silhouette
Kinabalu Mountain Cloud
Kinbalu Mountain Inside a Plane
Kinabalu Mountain

Kinabalu Mountain is the highest mountain in Malaysia and the fourth tallest in South East Asia region. It is located in the Island of Borneo in Sabah, the northern part of the island. The peak measured 13,435 ft above sea level. The mountain surrounding full with flora and fauna and the one most visited tourist spot in Malaysia.

Wikipedia describe Kinabalu Mountain a huge granite dome (batholith) that was pushed up from the earth's crust as molten rock millions of years ago. In geological terms, it is a very young mountain as the granite cooled and hardened only about 10 million years ago. It is still pushing up at the rate of 5 mm per annum. During the Pleistocene Period of about 100,000 years ago, the massive mountain was covered by huge sheets of ice and glaciers which flowed down its slopes, scouring its surface in the process and creating the 1800 m deep Low's Gully (named after Hugh Low) on its North side. Its granite composition and the glacial formative processes are readily apparent when viewing its craggy rocky peaks.

Beside become a well known to the tourist and local, it also a famous subject for photography. Since camera was brought in to this region, the fascination on the mountain was never end. Photographers from around the world come to Kinabalu Park to take the beautiful sight of the mountain for panorama or single frame photo shot. The attractions never end with lots of new, young and enthusiastic local photographer use it as a landscape subject.

Photos were taken from the top of the mountain, surrounding of the park and even from a distance far and even took it above from a plane. New interpretations of this mountain never stop and never end to inspired photographer to take beautiful scenery such as the sunrise, sunset or a special anomaly weather condition.

I personally took lots of photos near and far but not on the top of the mountain. It may surprise many people that I never climb the mountain before. Kinabalu Mountain presents a very grand view that impress a lots of people in clear weather. I did take a trip to the Kinabalu Park with my friend and found out the mountain are so huge to fit in a single frame with my 18-70mm lens. I decided to take a multiple horizontal shot so that i can stitch it as a panorama landscape. It did turn out great!

I hope to take more landscape or other interpretation of this mountain in future. Anyone who interested, do please come to here and I guarantee that you will never regret unless the weather is not good.

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