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I have always been fascinated by the impact/collision shots and had always admired the gurus out there who have mastered the craft of high speed photography.

Though there are devices and gadgets available these days to assist novices like me, either by the aid of sound triggers or laser beams. Some can be bought ready made for under $150 or for the courageous ones 'bread-board kits'. More sophisticated equipment can run into thousands of dollars.

However, I wanted to try it the common person style i.e., by depending on my hand and eye coordination. Plus wanted to learn more closely the relationship between, shutter speed, aperture, light and lots of mess.

So after 20+ attempts, managed to get some decent (I mean recognizable) captures!

How this was done for my friends out there who want to have a crack at it:

- Milk in a shallow plate/container (can be mixed with cream to give more texture),

- Goodies to drop in milk (i tried, olives,grapes,berries etc.).

- placed the grape in milk (or can be any object) and took an auto focus to lock,

- to secure higher focus sharpness try f16 or above,

- switch lens to manual to maintain the focus at capturing the point of impact,

- light off-camera is ideal,

- camera on tripod with remote shutter cable,

- drop object from 6+ inches high,

- crossed my legs (cos one hand was holding the remote and the other the grape ;-),

- try pressing shutter release at time of impact, be patient here, need for attempts!

- note: lens to have preferably a uv filter as splashes might be messy,

Keep splashing and soon, hey presto! some keepers!

Try it folks, its a lot of fun and teaches you a lot about light n shutter control (plus how to clean up all the mess that the wifey won't!!).

Enjoy n cheers,

PS (a): Don't forget to let me know how your attempt went!

PS (b): Another method of doing this is by creating low light conditions, leaving the shutter open for around 5 seconds and then fire the flash manually at the point of impact.

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