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R&R 006 | Sex and the City
The Picture of Dorian Gray (R&R 056)
R&R 002 | The God of Small Things
R&R 005 | The Shadow of the Wind
R&R 008 | Choke
R&R 009 | Mrs. Dalloway
R&R 010 | Lamb
R&R 012 | Angels
R&R052 | Norwegian Wood
R&R 015 | Shampoo Planet
R&R 018 | Pride & Prejudice

There is one thing you need to know if you're planning on taking me out shopping. The moment I'll see a bookstore, is the moment you'll lose me forever. You can bet anyone that I will abandon you to get closer to my home away from home. Close enough to the bookstore to get sucked into it, almost literally. Like a wormhole.

...a bookwormhole.

Books have always been a part of my life somehow; I like to surround myself with them. It feels like home to me that way. No matter where I go, I always carry at least one novel with me in my purse to stay in my comfort zone.

As a photography buff, I already took pictures of my daily life and surroundings, and on an irregular basis I would take photos of books - usually in the form of self-portraits, taken while reading. Separate from this occasional habit, I would also write some reviews for myself if I felt like it.

So sure, I tried for a while to put more thought into why I hold a certain opinion over a book, and I tried to feature books more prominently in my photography - which represents my life more than anything else. But I found something was lacking.

I needed to turn this into a consistent project with an obvious theme to it. Something to call my own, but also making sure it would be a challenge to commit to. I wanted to buy books, yes. But then I'd also have to actually do something more with them from here on out.

So, cheesy as this sounds, starting 2008, I made a resolution to read more. Not to aspire to read more, but to actually read more (and to reflect on my reading). I was to document my progress with photographic imagery and my own written book reviews throughout the year.

Such is the birth of my R&R (reading & reviewing) project, a self-portraiture series featuring the books I've been reading.

I wanted to inspire myself (and perhaps, others) to read more, and to do more with books instead of just reading them and moving on to the next one. What I craved was awareness of what I am reading, and why I (dis)like a certain book.

By photographing these books and by reviewing them, I feel I'm getting more familiar with and connected to my surroundings. And myself.

I'm hoping to continue this series well into 2009 (and beyond).

Edit: response to a question: view my profile to find a link to where the reviews are, online.

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