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I think I first spotted this camera in the catalog of an online store; lost among fancy cameras with advanced features such as manual focus and shutters, it looked like the young brat still playing with bight-colored toys. It was kind of hard to take it seriously, between that and the small film format.

But I am an instant photography addict, and it was only a matter of time. I kept going back, and the small camera kept winking at me from its corner. I started looking at pictures by other people, and the fascination started growing, until I simply had to have it.

When I first held it in my hands, it still felt like a toy. But then I loaded a cartridge, and the fun began--and boy, this camera offers loads of fun!!

Small enough to carry everywhere you go, you can just toss it in the top pocket of your camera bag (with a couple extra packs just in case) and off you go. Taking a picture is easy too: you just pull the lens away from the body; frame the picture; push the shutter button; and the picture comes out of the top and starts developing in front of you.

I could claim this camera can take pictures that are as good as the ones from a bona fide Polaroid integral camera, but that's not true: the camera and its lens are pretty basic, the exposure is automatic (although you can tell the camera the weather is overcast or very sunny), the flash is not overridable. But the colors you get are wonderful, and in my opinion the small format of the film is far from a defect. And the fun, oh, the fun!

There are at least 2 models of this camera available worldwide; the basic model (the one I have) can be found for about 40 euro. The film is pretty cheap too: you can usually find a pack (10 photos) for about 5 euro. In this world where instant photography is becoming an expensive hobby, this is the cheapest way to have instant fun and instant satisfaction!

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  • Natalia Delgado

    Natalia Delgado gave props (25 Sep 2008):

    So cute!! The pictures must be tiny

  • Cassandra Bould

    Cassandra Bould gave props (25 Sep 2008):

    Awesome! I myself have been contemplating purcahsing one of these! They are just too cute to resist! Thanks for the review!

  • Joseph Chiang

    Joseph Chiang gave props (26 Sep 2008):

    I'm saving up to buy one of these too.


    FALCON LARA OSCAR said (26 Sep 2008):

    I have a Fuji Instax and I didn't know they made a baby version. Sweet.

  • Ian Witlen

    Ian Witlen said (26 Sep 2008):

    I've had a Polaroid Mio for about 5-6 years now and I've always loved it.

  • Jenifer Nagle

    Jenifer Nagle said (26 Sep 2008):

    Wicked cool!

  • Suze S

    Suze S (Deleted) said (26 Sep 2008):

    I found the camera a while ago on eBay, but they're a little pricey in US dollars for an instant camera. I totally want one though :(

  • Jordan Shepler

    Jordan Shepler (Deleted) said (27 Sep 2008):

    I love instant cameras such as this. The trouble is that most every consumer instant film has been discontinued.
    Too bad film/camera makers have focused solely on profits and neglected the art form of instant photography.

  • Jade  Vreeland

    Jade  Vreeland said (27 Sep 2008):

    Oooooooooooh!!! i want one so bad now!

  • Daniel F

    Daniel F gave props (28 Sep 2008):


  • Andrea Campi

    Andrea Campi said (30 Sep 2008):

    thanks everybody for your comments, props and especially for your "yeahs!", I really appreciate it!
    I own and regularly use Polaroids too (as well as a bunch of 35mm and medium format), but the small size of this camera and the fact that film is cheap and readily available make it one of my favorite. And as some of you have pointed out, it's so cool and fun indeed! :-)

  • Stephanie Kimberly

    Stephanie Kimberly said (1 Oct 2008):

    Yay! That means that instant film isn't dead!

  • alex c

    alex c said (2 Oct 2008):

    You are going to make me spend money again, aren't you?

  • Sherstin Schwartz

    Sherstin Schwartz gave props (2 Oct 2008):

    wow, I really want to get one!

  • Hector Ortiz

    Hector Ortiz gave props (4 Oct 2008):

    its a yeah...and i want to get

  • N

    N said (7 Oct 2008):

    I like that the photos are that small. I already have a good application for them, on a daily journal. I love small and I love plastic. The only problem is that it is procey and I worry about buying form outside of the USA. Hope that you have posted some scanned photos here!

  • Patricia Shanahan

    Patricia Shanahan gave props (16 Oct 2008):

    GREAT story & cool little camera ! Off to get one !

  • tish padilla

    tish padilla (Deleted) gave props (15 Nov 2008):

    i love this cam!!!

  • praful kumar pankaj

    praful kumar pankaj said (25 Nov 2008):

    nice story

  • sarah Boyle

    sarah Boyle said (23 Dec 2008):

    where do i get one!!! PLEASEE!!

  • Christina Adkins

    Christina Adkins said (11 Jan 2009):

    I was so excited to read this story I have already started looking for one on ebay I think my daughters and I could have a lot of fun with this little treasure thanks

  • Samantha Perrelli

    Samantha Perrelli gave props (1 Jun 2009):

    So Cute! I Want One!

  • Teresa Nabais

    Teresa Nabais said (26 Aug 2009):

    Ah! Have one! Love it!!!

  • Maria Bartholomaeusse

    Maria Bartholomaeusse said (26 Apr 2010):

    Yes! I love mine :)

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