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A Splash of Color and Happiness

Colorsplash by Lomography
Searching for Minnows
Self-Portrait with Girlfriend while Biking

I love simple cameras. I started using my Pop Z Big View Finder almost 2 years ago. Since then my collection has grown to include a Werlisa ("Lisa") and now a Colorsplash camera by Lomography.

The Colorsplash is a simple point and shoot with a couple shutter modes, but the more important feature is a flash that has a rotating wheel that one can insert different color filters into to add a splash of color to any shot where one uses the flash.

I was given it as a present by my girlfriend on our anniversary. And our first activity for the day was to go to a beach, peaceful and beautiful, where the sun was setting. It was for us and it was for the camera.

Now this camera, I think, shows more of its colors at night, but I was able to add a little color to a few of these photos. But even when not using the flash one can come up with some beautifully saturated images.

It has shutter settings of 1/125 or bulb. 1/125 is great for day shots or evening shots with the flash. The bulb gives a great opportunity to do a night shot but to add a splash of color at the end.

There are 12 color filters that come with the camera, but one can buy and unlimited number of other colors and/or combine the colors to make new ones.

This camera is great. It adds a couple fun/creative features to my collection of simple cameras that I never had before: multi-color flash and bulb setting. These simple cameras are great for spontaneous, candid shots or for planned out shots. I now take this camera everywhere and snap shots all over the place.

If you're hesitant about film, first I'll say, just trust me. Second, what I do is instead of getting prints I just get the film processed and have the negatives scanned--it's cheaper and easy. And it really is fun when you get the images in because you have no idea how your experimentation came out...

I love this camera already...I'll add a photo of it shortly.

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    Spectre Photo gave props (9 Feb 2009):

    I really want to buy one now!!

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