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3 Songs... No Flash!!!


Bustling anticipation escalates; the house rattles by the will of 12,000 strong. Modern day minstrels and bright lights fill the stage and paint a picture that I think only I can see; a live concert photo is survived only by the emotion, care and luck that went into it.

His hair was perfectly collapsed in his face and the calm emerald spots shone through him like kryptonite. The swing of his foot, the toss of his bass, everything came together like the beginning of a storm. The pot of my eye ached from the pressure of the viewfinder, holding it to my face waiting for the one captured moment that no one has seen. My hat itched and the irritation made the shot aggressive and abrupt. A well choreographed fight scene between the poised photographer and the bass wielding rock star. A slow single bead of sweat making its way from my temple to the turn of my jaw unites him and me in working toward a common goal; the all revealing, indisputable rock shot.

A photograph is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, captured with a camera which uses a lens to focus the scene's visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. Now that you're dozing off from this mind numbing definition, let your eyes close. Picture the best moment you have ever been witness to. Remember the smell of the air, the sounds around you and the way you felt in your own skin. In my opinion a photograph should go above and beyond "a reproduction of what the human eye should see". A photo should be a reproduction of what the human body would feel, much like any other artistic experience, it must conjure emotion; just as I sit here and express the essence that is CORNERSHOPSTUDIOS by embodying the passion that is invoked when watching him shoot. If a photo remains cold and inadvertently refuses to accept the reciprocal nature of the give and take relationship between a photo and its viewer, then does it cease to be a photograph?

Photographs are frozen moments in time that convey an emotion and sense of nostalgia and awe every time they're looked at; not piles of cold art like that which I fear will one day be the culmination of what graces our fine magazines. There are millions of pictures of people playing guitar, but only a handful of photographs of the first time Hendrix set his guitar a blaze for an overwhelmed crowd. CORNERSHOPSTUDIOS photos are a silver spoon weapon in the war against stagnant emotionless art.

By: Danny "LIT" McCarney


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