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Signs of the Times- Images from American Sign Language

Signs of the Times- one of a kind Americana Sign Language Collection

One of a kind collection of universal language of "signs". Expressionism and imagery that spoken words cannot achieve: Popular appeal and general interest!Greetings!

What I am sharing in the link below is a historic, one-of-a-kind photo collection !

An art photography book, Signs of the Times (or Sign Language), has an excellent chance of tremendous "commercial success" -in view of the Family of Man-type of universal public appeal. Signs are a "universal language" of human expression and have popular appeal.

These never published images, cover a span of more than 20 years (across 43 states). "capturing" the theme "sign language" of Americana and imagery.

Walker Evans, Chuck Close, Cartier Bresson, Chistenberry -NO other photographer in history has achieved the immense scope and variety of "photo realism" imagery in such a popular form of expression.

Many of these sign imagery are relics of "Americana" from the past. Many are GONE FOREVER and can never be recaptured or documented!

I would like to publish a book presenting this collection.,Y

You may contact me at: email:

Thank you for your consideration.

Billy Tucker, Photo Realist

telephone: 239. 200.8979, Naples Fla. USA

"signs have always been a universal language of expression when spoken words were insufficient to express thoughts,emotions ,consciousness and humanity."- Billy Tucker

Note: Another lik to MORE of the collection is available at this Photo Album Site:

(Signs of the Times):

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