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Models for a Lifetime

My Baby

Originally I was going to title this something like, "My Free Models." But then I started thinking, "wait a sec, they're not free!" Over a lifetime they're going to cost me a small fortune! So now I'm thinking the title should be, "Models That Will Slowly Drain My Wallet." But now the problem is that everybody thinks I'm some kind of jerk of a father. Nothing could further from the truth. My kids are beautiful and I can think of nothing I'd rather take photographs of. In fact, it is almost to my detriment because they become my scenics, my portraits, and my inspiration. Kids are all consuming so it is natural my camera turns to them. But that's ok. It's kind of like going back time and time again to your favorite spot in the woods to shoot the same scenic from different perspectives, different seasons, and under different light. You always see something you didn't before or find uniqueness in what you thought was the same. The unique thing about your turning your skills loose on your kids is that, in essence, you are photographing a part of yourself. It makes you feel proud and vulnerable all at the same time.

Have fun looking at my little models. Afterall, I'm paying good money for them! ;)

5 responses

  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo said (8 Oct 2008):

    This is wonderful. I can relate. Big time. :) Keep up the good work!

  • Mara Paul

    Mara Paul said (8 Oct 2008):

    Awesome work!!!!!! I am a preschool teacher and my parents benefit from my work.

  • adniloj

    adniloj gave props (9 Oct 2008):

    Nice compilation Dad! :-)

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams said (9 Oct 2008):

    Wonderful story!
    Really liked to hear that i am not alone in this quest!

  • William Garvey

    William Garvey gave props (13 Dec 2008):

    Great story and photos. You are right about the title, but you will be paid back in smiles.

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