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there no way stairway, but there is a chair lift!
never tear us apart

a friend of mine asked me to send her my profile the other day. she knew i was kinda new to photography and wanted to see me "dance". she was stoked with some of my images and asked me what were "my" favourite ones. i was pretty happy to show her. i also noticed my favourites were a bit different to everyone else's... thats what its all about. we all have our style. our own dance moves. its like the way we walk, or the way we dress, and the way other peoples styles appeal to us. photography is so kick-arse. its not just photography, its also how we interpret the way we see things. obvious right? but whats warm for some, maybe blue for others, we're all different. i think i even sometimes learn more about myself from looking at a photo. that, to me, is something bigger than i expected.

now i think about my "favourite" photos on here, and sometimes i see them in a whole new way. they're not just my favs', they're my own little personal interpretations of my own little life. sometimes i can even smell them, sometimes i can taste it. of where i've been, what i've done and how i saw it for that moment.

kept forever. just for me, in which now i can share with you.

seriously, how good is photography.

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  • Penny Nannini

    Penny Nannini   gave props (10 Oct 2008):


  • David Eastham

    David Eastham said (10 Oct 2008):

    This is really great. I think you shoud enter it as an Essay for publication. I personally think is worthy.
    p.s. Love the photos too....:)

  • Jessica Hardin

    Jessica Hardin gave props (10 Oct 2008):

    I agree with David as well, this would make a great photo essay, lovely words and shot Petey!

  • Jenifer Nagle

    Jenifer Nagle gave props (16 Oct 2008):

    Totally wonderful!

  • Kristen Bryant

    Kristen Bryant gave props (15 Nov 2008):

    Peteyyyyyy, this story made me tear up. You said this so perfectly, warmed my heart. I think I'm going to write this down so I can carry it with me, that's if you don't mind of course.

  • j cain

    j cain (Deleted) said (30 Nov 2008):

    photography rocks. so do u. rock on, whitelaw, rock on.

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