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South Thomaston, Maine

Hayden Point
Maine Morning
The Frog Prince
The Staircase
"Live for the future, long for the past." - 2046
Sunset in South Thomaston

Each summer, my family looks forward to our annual escape vacation to South Thomaston, Maine. No bills arrive, since, well, it's not our house. No jobs arise, since we practically ran away from them. No urgent calls come our way, because quite frankly, there's absolutely no cell service in Maine. For the next two weeks our time is finally ours and the only thought on my mind is what I will photograph next.

There were a few events I looked forward to photographing; the Lobster Festival, the lighthouse trips, and the fellow Eurasian cousins as my next photography subject victims. However, as always, the best scenes appeared when I least expected them; the eery staircases we took walking down to the Andre the Seal statue, the unusually foggy mornings, and the random trip to the spectacular Vesper Hill Children's Chapel.

On one of the last days of vacation, while my mother and I were kayaking, we looked back at my great uncle's house on the water, after a storm and I fear I saw the most beautiful image I will ever see in my lifetime. For some reason, rainbows kept showing up in August, but this one was like no other. On top of the glowing light seeping through the air from the sunset landing like butter on the silhouette of Hayden Point Road, a double rainbow circled the sky. As we looked down at the still, calm water, there lay a gorgeous reflection, forming a 360 degree rainbow.

We let it sink in for a few moments, until the greedy photographer urge kicked in, and I desperately needed to capture this moment forever. I paddled back to the dock and luckily managed to catch the remnants of the fleeting scene that will remain in my memory for as long as I live.

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