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A small chance of rain... who are they trying to kid

Chance of Rain - 99.995%

The weather in Seattle stinks 99.95% of the time. It was so bad this year that the locals created a new name for the month of June. We called it "Juneuary," in honor of the fact that it was still 60 degrees and RAINING in early June. Summer.... What summer. Oh yeah, we had a week or two where that big bright glowing thing in the sky came out, but it didn't last long. In fact, I doubt it ever dried up the supersaturated lawns in most neighborhoods. While I am on the topic, it's hard to imagine why people in the Pacific Northwest like being outdoors so darn much..??? I mean seriously, the weather here REALLY SUCKS most of the time. I grew up in the desert of West Texas. I don't think in the 22 years I lived in Texas I saw as much rain as I did last week. It's amazing. Yet, pretty much everyone here likes to go hike in 40 degree weather with rain gear. Anyway, bored out of my mind I was on the quest for something to shoot. The weather had stunk for quite sometime (did I mention it rains here..?) and when you work fulltime and it rains fulltime getting out to shoot anything is hard.

(Just as a side note, the Port of Seattle doesn't exist because it's a real Port of entry. It exists so the animals have a place to run and board the ark when they think the rain wont stop).

My prayers were answered on this fine day when the shot of the George Washington Bridge was captured. After making many promises and removing the straight pin from my first wife's voodoo doll I was rewarded with a 30 min break in the normal deluge of water and allowed to get this shot. The heavy dark clouds loomed over head and gave a really nice dark feel to the shot. Of course being in Seattle, I am not real sure what other look you can capture but you are good to go if you want DARK AND GLOOMY. This shot was the result. While I can't say the weather was severe, it did stink. I know the theme is severe weather, but 10 months of rain to me is severe. Oh and before I forget. The dark clouds over the bridge, you see them there...? Did you notice the grey stuff over those..? That's not clear sky OH NOOOO that's another layer of clouds. It's like a giant Oreo of crappy weather. The lighter clouds are like the cream filling in a giant cookie of BLAH weather. I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up that it was actually clear or... "Partly Cloudy" that's like saying a nuclear explosion is "Kinda" hot.

As always comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. If you have an extra umbrella or boots that would be good as well.

And now.. A note about the subject:

Seattle's George Washington Memorial Bridge, commonly known as the Aurora Bridge, The nearly 3,000-foot, steel cantilever structure spans Lake Union between the Fremont and Queen Anne neighborhoods.

This shot shows maybe 1/8th of the total structure. Had I stood out there longer to get the whole thing the rain spirits would have been angered with me and I would have gotten soaked. Shortly after I got back in the car drops started hitting my windshield. After reviewing the shots I took in my viewfinder I promptly let Mother Nature know she was number ONE in my book and went home to dry off for another day.

Yes, as soon as I got home, I put the pin back in the voodoo doll. I know that sounds terrible, but geeze a guy can only get so many simple pleasures in life and the therapeutic value of stabbing that doll... wait... I digress and have gotten off topic.

Hope you enjoy the shot.

Oh... before you go, if you get a chance, I would really apprecaite the vote and FAV for the image if nothing else a comment would be great.

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  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (15 Oct 2008):

    ha! love this the shot

  • Diane Peterson

    Diane Peterson gave props (15 Oct 2008):

    Love the shot...but..have to say...I love Seattle, the weather, Washington..all of the above, the reason it is so beautiful is that it does rain alot..

  • Renee Cettie

    Renee Cettie gave props (15 Oct 2008):

    I am in the opposite situation. Lived in Washington for 10 years and now live in Texas (20 yrs) and I still miss the trees. Don't miss the 9 months of rain though. The photo is a nice reward for going outside. The lighting is really pretty

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