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It was a gruesome sight. More than 2,000 zombies staggered out of Trinity-Bellwoods Park in Toronto, Ontario that Sunday. They dragged their lifeless bodies down Queen Street and up Bathurst to end up at the Bloor Cinema for a zombie double bill. Yes, it was the 6th annual Toronto Zombie Walk held on October 19, 2008.

The group was a lot bigger than the six zombies that gathered together for the first walk in 2003 and zombie walk founder Thea Munster was pleased by the turnout. For all their numbers, the zombies behaved themselves for the most part. They usually stayed on the sidewalk but some did get some grief for spreading their bloody guts on store windows along the route. Occasionally the zombies would stagger towards bystanders demanding brains but there were no reports of any actual brain eating.

Zombies came in all ages, shapes, sizes, races, and professions. There were brides, grooms, cheerleaders, chefs, flappers, doctors, nurses, and cross-dressers. There was even a zombie curling team. The favourites of the day though were the zombie business men and women. One zombie businessman had "Lehman Brothers" inscribed on his briefcase while another handed out memos declaring his intentions to eat brains. The common denominator among all of the costumes was blood, and lots of it. Many in the zombie horde see the walk as the highlight of the Halloween season. It gives them a chance to be among fellow gore lovers since Halloween is now more about sexy rather than scary costumes.

Zombie walks have now spread to other cities around the world including those across Canada, the United States, Australia, and the UK. You can find a zombie walk near you by consulting Soon the zombies will take over the world so keep an eye on your brains. You wouldn't want them to be someone's lunch.

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