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Long Exposure: Street Style

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The Nod

So I've found that some of the coolest pictures are taken at night.

Now I only have a cannon power shot S5IS with a 15 second exposure,

But as long as you can get the lense to stay open you should be able to work with it. Now thier is a couple of things you need before you can master a good technique. Materials needed: 1)Camera 2)Tripod(not manditory but it helps.) 3)Flashlight or lighter that is easy to turn off. 4)Flash. Now early on i was taking 15 second shots out of my shoe all i would do is set my shoe down and put the camera where my foot goes, now if i dont have a tri pod then your shoe or a flat surface will do but holding the camera will just cause a mess...any movement and u will blurr the whole picture. Now What you can do and it is to fun. Look down at the picture of love all u do is set up a tri pod mark on the ground where you should be standing for each letter and then press lightly on your flashlight button, make sure it doesnt click now and write all u want, warning if your light is on to long you will show up as a blurr behind the letters. Now the One of the boy down thier is easy all u do is get a flash or a lighter and i had him tip his head flash then center flash then left side flash ....keep in mind the brighter the flash then the less see through u will be. Now you can also use your flash light to add bold colors, for example the tree down thier i high lighted the back of it to make it look as if it where glowing . Now i havnt tryed this yet but i've heard its awsome if u long expose a stop sign or yeild sign and then hit it with the light and do just the pole and the sign it should make colors pop and u can high light what you want people to focus on.

well enjoy my tips and have some fun...

dont forget to check out all my photo's

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