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My Weapon of choice when 'Shooting From The Hip'

Yashica T5 by Yashica
Yashica T5
at a Dillinger Four show
Scott's belt
Zoe, Labor Day pool party

The Yashica T4/T5 is a great plastic camera with a sharp Carl Zeiss lens. Terry Richardson has featured this camera in many of his photos and has used it in shoots for GQ magazine among other high profile publications.

The lens is a Carl Zeiss T* Tessar fixed 35mm with a f3.5 aperture. The contrast this lens produces is amazing. The camera has a top viewfinder (known as the Super Scope) that is great for those sneaky photos. Not to mention the Yashica is also weatherproof.

I shoot with a SLR and a rangefinder but this camera is with me wherever i go. It's small enough to throw in a bag or a jacket pocket. I always take it to parties, concerts, and it even goes out to dinner with me. Some of my favorite photos of my friends and family were taken with this camera. The photos that i chose to accompany this story were shot using the super scope or not using a viewfinder at all. Despite it being made of plastic this little guy is pretty tough. I don't know how many times i have dropped it and it still works great. I also couldn't tell you how many rolls i have ran through the camera. There are no signs of it breaking down anytime soon. Although it may look like it, this is not your ordinary point and shoot 35mm camera.

The more common model is the T4 super. There is a version that is just called the T4, but it has no 'Super Scope' and is not weatherproof. I found the T5 on Ebay. It's the European version that is exactly the same as the T4. The Yashica T4/T5 is hasn't been in production for many years now, but take a look on Ebay and you might just get lucky.

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  • Ciaron Linstead

    Ciaron Linstead (Deleted) said (30 Oct 2008):

    Nice article, the Super Scope sounds really neat. Very nice photos to accompany it too. I'd like to see this published, after my story on the Olympus XA ;) and after I've got a T4 from eBay :)

  • Misha M. Johnson

    Misha M. Johnson said (30 Oct 2008):

    I very much enjoyed this article. I feel the same way about my Pop Z and Colorsplash cameras similar to yours. Very enjoyable shots as well. Keep up the candids.

  • Jim Cripps

    Jim Cripps gave props (15 Dec 2008):

    Great story! I'd like the Yashica Elite that I bought on eBay to work--then maybe you'd have some competition, ha-ha!

  • Samantha Perrelli

    Samantha Perrelli said (2 Jan 2010):

    I really liked reading this and I think I might look on Ebay for one.

  • dutch masterson

    dutch masterson gave props (19 Apr 2010):

    great spotlight.. i love my T4 and agree with everything you say!!

  • Robert Vega

    Robert Vega gave props (16 Aug 2010):

    great article

  • Epin Hervin

    Epin Hervin gave props (12 Sep 2010):

    I use Yashica ESZ Kyocera camera :) it's so happy to read this.

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