Photo Essay

The Devoloping Storms

Mountain Storm

I sat on hill in the middle of Colorado. It took me an hour and a half to climb to this spot. What i saw paid that time off. I sat and watched the town below and the mountains in the distance and the sky above me for about an hour. Nothing to exciting, I enjoyed the view, but the skies were clear, it was sunny. As I took one last look i noticed a small patch of clouds coming over the mountain range in the distance. I decided then to stay, watch a little bit. I sat and watched as all the moisture went to a few larger clouds. then some to larger and increasingly more intense storm cells. I wish everyone could see the beauty i saw there, and feel the closeness i felt to the Creator in those moments. This moment inspired me towards my future in photography. It instilled in me a want to show the people in the world what I see. whether that's a dynamic experience or an overlooked subject. I want to show the world it's own beauty. Beauty people miss. look to the sky. find a cloud and imagine.

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