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Make Your Models Float.


A camera is a very useful tool in documenting everything that is happening around us, but it can also be very deceptive if used correctly. A very simple but creative trick that will captivate your viewer's attention depends on only a good, cooperative, model and a high shutter speed. You won't need invisible wires or friends with superpowers to capture photos of people flying.

Be sure to find a model that is able and willing to spend an extended period of time jumping around on your command. A friend who owes you a favor works great. Set your camera at a high shutter speed so that the model isn't blurry and you're ready. The trick is to have the model jump up but keep their legs perfectly straight and their feet parallel to the ground. As your model jumps snap several photos of them flying through the air. It is important to make sure that it is a bright day or you are in a very well lit room for this effect to turn out well. It will appear as though the model is suspended in the air and is somehow floating. Be sure that your shutter speed is high enough that there is absolutely no blurring in the photo. If the model is blurry just a tiny bit, the blur suggests movement and the viewer will quickly catch on that this person must have been jumping or falling and the floating effect will be lost.

Experiment with different poses and different settings, maybe even a Superman costume, to get some interesting captures.

But the fun does not have to stop there. Experiment with different subjects and settings to create surreal images that will have your audience wondering how this is possible. And remember to always be safe.

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