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Social Housing

Malakoff #5

Does the destruction of post war buildings solve the problem of poverty concentration ?

In France, many buildings are destroyed accused of being the cause of all the social problems. But housing built today is much smaller than in the 60's. I 'm not sure that we do better now than yesterday.

The systematic destruction is not a solution. Heavy rehabilitation is more effective.

Over all, that is important it's the mixture of social classes in the city.

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13 responses

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) gave props (4 Nov 2008):

    I love these images - my vote!

  • Paulo Rojas

    Paulo Rojas (Deleted) said (4 Nov 2008):


  • Paul Alexander Knox

    Paul Alexander Knox (Deleted) gave props (5 Nov 2008):

    Great essay, fantastic shots. you get my vote!

  • Christopher Talbot

    Christopher Talbot said (6 Nov 2008):

    i think you've shown too many from similar angles. it doesn't work as a group well but every image is outstanding.

  • Benoît Chailleux

    Benoît Chailleux said (13 Nov 2008):

    Christopher you're certainly right ... Make a choice, it's the most difficult thing in photography ...

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (17 Jan 2009):

    Words of wisdom, interesting photos, will anyone listen? You have my vote.

  • Aude Pucheu

    Aude Pucheu said (27 Jan 2009):

    très jolie série... sujet intéressant...
    holga for ever ^^

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (2 Feb 2009):

    Oh...Yeah! It rocks!

  • Eric J Henderson

    Eric J Henderson gave props (23 Mar 2009):

    Wow. Apart from being a photographer, I also deal in these issues - systemic change for low-income people in the US. very poignant words and essay.

  • Eric J Henderson

    Eric J Henderson said (23 Mar 2009):

    Change is a matter of the will, not the money in these cases. In nyc, the wealth of only 50 individuals, for example, could change the system - and not in any charitable way, rather in an investment way. The money is there. The will is not. Therefore we pay with the inevitable frustrations the world is seeing now as greed eats itself and people feel pain. Pardon the excess words. Very powerful essay of photos is to me.

  • ! Mario Scattoloni ¡

    ! Mario Scattoloni ¡ gave props (25 Mar 2009):

    I agree with Eric...powerful photo-essay.

  • Rhio9 (Rhio9)

    Rhio9 (Rhio9) (Deleted) said (15 Jul 2009):

    here in the US, we like to design post-war buildings and then put the poor in them and expect the poor to be happy about it. we tax the middle class to pay for it, which they hate to do, and then **** and gripe because the housing ends up being a platform for grafitti artists and performance art troupes. federal deficit? who cares? it's all made up anyway. there isnt going to be any "tax payer bill".....destroying post-war construction might give people work but it wont do anything to help poverty. personally, i think the marriage of democracy and capitalism is the worse thing to hit the planet, second only to religion. when you combine religion with democracy and capitalism, you're gonna get poverty forever, injustice till dooms day, no representation, consumerism run amock, greed, hoarding and whoring. there is no light at the end of any tunnel. money. will. forget about it. as long as democracy and capitalism and religion exist side by side, we're all on a collision course into the black hole of civilization. i hope this cheers everybody up.

    PS I'd vote for your essay. great text, and photos by the way. You rock!

  • Alexander Bussey

    Alexander Bussey gave props (10 Aug 2009):

    the tone of these photos is perfect. The fog and dull colors provide a bleak image that coincides very well with the subject matter. well done.

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