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Me And My Lover
My Little Hero
At Peace With Death
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Typical girl in a small town. I over think things and find myself laughing to myself alone a lot :) Everyday objects spark ideas then those ideas lead to other ideas and on and on and on. I have no college experience although I would love to go, I am hoping to save up enough money soon! I have lived my whole life on making it by with what I had around me. I was born in Seattle Washington in 1988 and lived in Seatac until We moved to Aberdeen WA in 2001. I met my husband Shane my sophmore year in highschool and have been with him ever since, he is my true love and I know we will grow old together :D In high school I first took photography in my Jr. year and every day during class I would go outside and take photos of flowers, plants, bugs, anything that striked my fancy! I would also shoot the high school sports for part of my grade in the class. To this day I am still learning by trial and error on how to use the settings on my Nikon D80. People ask me to teach them things when I have no idea what im doing myself half the time haha!

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  • David Eastham

    David Eastham gave props (5 Nov 2008):

    All I can say is you have tallent girl!!

  • Jason Platt

    Jason Platt gave props (6 Nov 2008):

    agree with spades..

  • Karolus Naga

    Karolus Naga (Deleted) gave props (6 Nov 2008):

    yep ...

  • Mal Stewart

    Mal Stewart gave props (7 Nov 2008):

    GO GIRL......and keep it up, your doing really well. Whatever it is that is making you put out images like these is working well. Kudos !

  • Oliver Bradshaw

    Oliver Bradshaw (Deleted) gave props (16 Nov 2008):

    Anice, you are an amazing photographer! I hope you take this to the next level soon and make this your profession, you will go far.

  • ;-D avid

    ;-D avid said (17 Nov 2008):

    Oh yeah...YOU are truly an amazing photographer and I can see that you have the talent to not only take it to the next level, but the next and the next and the next! Mark my words, you are gonna be published!
    All the best!
    ;-D avid

  • Lynn H

    Lynn H (Deleted) gave props (18 Nov 2008):

    You have wonderful are going places!!!!!

  • Pamela Johns

    Pamela Johns (Deleted) gave props (21 Nov 2008):

    What beautiful captures... you have an incredible eye for beauty!

  • Niki Conolly

    Niki Conolly gave props (22 Nov 2008):

    I sent you an email but it didn't go thru so I surmize here. Took a short but amazing tour thru your shots. I really really enjoy your photos. Fresh, exciting, inspiring, unique eye..I am so looking forward to seeing more. Hugs, Niki

  • rob wright

    rob wright gave props (25 Nov 2008):

    you have an eye for this, and creative ideas. All anyone needs.

  • Brian Lemburg/ Mr. Limage

    Brian Lemburg/ Mr. Limage said (30 Nov 2008):


  • Dennis Christofer

    Dennis Christofer gave props (18 Dec 2008):

    interesting. we're the same age, then. by the way, "At Peace with Death" is just great.

  • Cheryl Blackburn

    Cheryl Blackburn gave props (26 Dec 2008):

    You will definitely be published.. You have a very inventive mind!

  • Jyri Vissak

    Jyri Vissak gave props (31 Dec 2008):

    You are not a tipical girl. You have tallent. I like your photos very mutch and I am not the only one

  • Nicole DeVita

    Nicole DeVita gave props (15 Feb 2009):

    Incredible shots!! Truly beautiful!

  • Aaron Mythen

    Aaron Mythen gave props (24 Jun 2009):

    Your site is one of the best sites that I have ever had the pleasure to look through on JPG!!! Almost every page offered something unique or beautiful, your imagination and ability to capture that imagination are simply awesome :)) Thank you for a truly entertaining few minutes here on JPG keep up the good work!!!

  • Aaron Mythen

    Aaron Mythen gave props (24 Jun 2009):

    P.S I +have never felt the need to leave a comment of this type before,after looking through someones photostream but your work is really inspiring in so many ways that I wanted to say so!!!!

  • ! ! ! Anice ! ! Bommerscheim

    ! ! ! Anice ! ! Bommerscheim said (6 Oct 2010):

    reading all your thoughs really makes me want to do so much more! thank you everyone, your words mean the world to me!

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (12 Jan 2011):

    Yes, you have talent, continue on the path and you will get there my friend. Your work is exhilerating and interesting, keep up the good work.

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