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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 will go down in my life, and ever other human's live, as quite possibly the most memorable day imaginable.

The day the impossible was made possible. The day the people of the United States of America came out in droves to stand up for the HOPE and CHANGE they believed it, standing in lines that wrapped around building and streets to cast their votes, praying that their voices would be heard. The day that hundreds of thousands of people gathered to see one man, and millions more sat glued to their television screens or radios. The day all types of people, no matter race, creed, or culture, collectively cried tears of joy. The day one man's victory became the beacon of light for the future of every other living man, woman, and child, and even those to come. The day one man, Barack Obama, the mixed raced/cultural senator from Chicago became President Elect Barack Obama and changed the course of history forever.

His victory is our victory. His moment is our moment. His win has proved to us all, without a shadow of a doubt, that impossible is nothing. That hope is the key to all things . And for that, I thank him.

Barack and his historic moment have left me speechless; luckily, a picture's worth a thousand words.



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4 responses

  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (6 Nov 2008):

    Hope is the key to all things..Amen to that! Wonderful story and captures.

  • Alisa Rottenberg

    Alisa Rottenberg said (6 Nov 2008):

    Love It!!!!!!!

  • Misha M. Johnson

    Misha M. Johnson gave props (6 Nov 2008):

    I love the variety of perspectives you got with these. They sew together very well and paint the picture that is now our reality.

  • Thabitha Serumula

    Thabitha Serumula said (7 Nov 2008):

    Wow...i love the way the pics narrate the exact incident, on the day, at the time, with raw emotions en-all. Very nice girl!!! Keep it up.

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