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need to do a nutball roll call

Here is who I have, I think I'm missing 1 or 2. Renee, Stuart, Oma, Lynn, Gail, Patricia, Mayette, David, Gary, Sherry, Peggy, Vidyavati, Steve, Giovanni, and Susan. Thank you!!

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  • Mayette Ignacio

    Mayette Ignacio said (8 Nov 2008):

    my photo has all their comments
    1. Renee2.Stuart. 3. Aubrey's Oma, 4.Lynn 5. david 6. G anderson 7.Patricia. 8. mayette Ignacio 9.Sharon 10.Gary
    11. Karen K Smith. 12 Sherry 13 Peggy 14 Vidu 15 Giovanni (he's out for the weekend) 16 Susan Littlefield 17 Laurie Fuller Drake but she hasn't posted yet you will find links from 11 to 16 NUT BALLS
    I will be in Maui for a week so I hope somebody will keep count in my absence. Behave and be good to our Hot Guy!!! ROFL!!!

  • Steve Baker

    Steve Baker (Deleted) said (8 Nov 2008):

    I added myself to your comment list, Ignacio No. 15-and-a-bit..

  • stuart s

    stuart s   gave props (8 Nov 2008):

    Welcome home! I don't see Karen (No. 11) or Sharon (No.9) on your list but I'm having a wee bit of trouble keeping track myself. LOL!

  • Patricia Shanahan

    Patricia Shanahan said (8 Nov 2008):

    Boy, I am so confused !!!! I guess that's why I'm nuts !

  • Vidyavati Chandan

    Vidyavati Chandan (Deleted) said (9 Nov 2008):

    Hey Renee...there are two threads running now. I twisted it after Peggy’s shot (#13) and then Steve followed me. No one is after Steve in that thread.
    Where as the other thread...well I don't know who is following whom :-(
    Anyway thanks for being the instigator. Guess it stared from the fireplace! How much additional wood/fuel did you put in there ;-)

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (5 Dec 2008):

    hey, Renee, I was counted as no. 21.

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