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Models un-modelling

Models un-modelling #4

This is a collection of photographs of professional models. Except that they were, er, not modelling. At least not for me.

The situation is this...

In early November, I was in Beijing on a work assignment to cover a broadcast industry trade exhibition - an event that features cameras, lights and various eqiupment for editing, archiving, transmission and so on.

Most of it is boring stuff. But events like this would also have studio set-ups, with live models, for visitors to view them through video and cinematography cameras.

I, however, preferred to view them through my own camera, a Fuji S5 Pro.

This was a rare opportunity for an amateur photographer like me to photograph professional models, complete with professional studio lighting.

Most of the models were very obliging. One of them, in particular, would turn to face every camera that she notices being pointed at her, and look straight into the lens.

Once, I even saw an old man photographer directing her, telling her where to place her hands, how to lean her body, which direction to face... and she simply obeys. She's a real pro and I hope she goes far in the modelling world.

I could not resist including one image of this model posing for me, looking directly into my 75-300 zoom lens set at the longest focal length.

For the most part, however, I was more interested in capturing the models in their more candid moments, either while they were posing for others, or taking a pause and doing their own thing.

I feel they look more interesting this way. More natural. More human... like the rest of us, except that they happen to be more blessed with good looks.

I hope you enjoy this series. If you think this photo essay is worthy of publication, a "yeah" vote would be much appreciated :-)

Thank you.

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  • Karen K Smith

    Karen K Smith gave props (25 Nov 2008):

    Gosh I read this when you first posted it and must have gotten distracted. Great essay and great photos! YEAH from me!

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