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My Home in Cabbagetown

Riverdale Farm 2

I live in a pretty little corner of Toronto, Canada called Cabbagetown. The neighbourhood acquired its unusual name from the Irish immigrants who settled here after the area fell on hard times. The residents were so poor that they had to grow cabbages in the front gardens to survive. Since gentrified, Cabbagetown contains what the Cabbagetown Preservation Association describes as "the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in North America." My own house was built in the 1880s and is a whopping 16 feet wide!

Nestled among these Victorian houses is Riverdale Farm. The site was the original home of the Toronto Zoo but now contains horses, cows, pigs, sheep and other farm animals. The farm and the surrounding park is a wonderful green space in the heart of the city. An organic market takes over the park every Tuesday afternoon in the summer months.

Next to the farm is the Toronto Necropolis, an historic cemetery established in 1850 which is the final resting place to Toronto's first mayor William Lyon Mackenzie and one of Canada's Fathers of Confederation George Brown.

These photographs, taken last winter after a snow storm, show off the Victorian architecture and the eclectic nature of the neighbourhood.

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