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Vienna Graffiti Work

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actually, for years the so called "vienna danube canal" was associated with nothing more than mud. while the channel diverges from the beautiful blue danube in the north making his way through the inner districts of Vienna, theres nothing anymore which reminds of that blue colour when the water merges again into the danube in the south. Its much more that eye-catching warm-brown tones that give you a feeling about the original function of this small river.

but also on both sides of the banks, urban conservation was a foreign word for a long time: derelict areas, rundown claddings, muddy underground stations and concrete dugouts were dominating the scenery.

however, an eldorado for friends of the spray can was developing in all the years. it was a paradise for those graffiti-artists, they could run riot in the dark, early evenings.

at last, there was an almost infinite offer of naked concrete walls. a real sprayer-scene came up and nowadays you really have to look for the original concrete-grey.

today the city of vienna recognized the potential of the danube-canal, and we are in the middle of a re-vitalizing process. its now becoming a real off-time-paradise for all the inner district townies. green areas, lots of renovation and mainly all those new stylish bars turned the muddy image in a new trendy one.

and its that trendy image which fits apparently perfect to the cool and often fascinating scratchwork of the graffiti artists.

to legalize those sprayers the vienna government made a fair deal to be safe from vandalism. it originated a program called "the vienna wall". sprayers could let out all their creativity, stress-free and without fear of getting into trouble with the fuzz. But only on clear dedicated walls - thats the deal.

today the number of impressive graffiti artwork is endless, as much as new fascinating daups occur, others disappear. but the style of that graffiti work is a great match to the character of the new discoverd leisure time paradise "vienna-danube-channel".

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