Photo Essay

How To take a Good Picture

Xmas is a circle

The key to unlocking a good photo is much the same key that unlocks a well written sentence. In both cases, you start with nothing and arrive at something. While you have nothing visualize that something to help you get it. After that use your guts and your experience to find that know how that keeps you in your flow. In conclusion, there is a very good reason why I spoke of good sentences at the beginning and not well-constructed paragraphs, because either way you slice this grammar, the pictures still say a thousands better words than I do.

Additionally, 100 words is not enough to cut it. And as this is poetry, I'll rough it. Right, words. Or wrong, balance is key.

In photography balance is Achieved

Through Practice.

Because no matter How Hard We Try

(Or how much we post process)

What they See is Never what We saw or What they get

The cut of time. That humble slice.








Take back that last one it can just be humble human and tragic.


Documentary sad shit.

The only magic from that comes from the NewsPaper Fairies.


And with them my photos share color and perspective.

Or the Lack thereof it.

Should I continue to rhyme with a specific Directive?

With the Direct Word Add it.


Return to a more humble selection. (I'm a random verb addict.)

The words made the choice for me, much like we never choose form, we just point our cannon's (and etc.) and shoot. At whatever we can get them in front of.

Like Light. or Life. or both or none, At Night. (Or in the Sun)


The choices are limitless so there form rules in the Chaos.


Color creates more emotions than unscheduled Layoffs.


Pick and choose choices get slippery with sauce.


At 300 and 28 we'll call this a lost.



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6 responses

  • Zerina Phillip

    Zerina Phillip gave props (1 Dec 2008):

    Got my vote here. Photos are wonderful.

  • Richard Seah

    Richard Seah gave props (1 Dec 2008):

    LOL! Wonderful poem. Love your word play even if I don't fully grasp the meaning / advice. One apparent mistake though.... Lack there of of it - I think thereof should be joined as one word?

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams gave props (2 Dec 2008):

    Wonderful job! Great photos. Got my vote!

  • Brad Flora

    Brad Flora said (2 Dec 2008):

    Thanks for lending your sharp eye Richard, editing was much needed on that line (and maybe others as well...)

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (3 Dec 2008):

    Hell yeah! It rocks!

  • Jane Linders

    Jane Linders said (27 Feb 2009):

    Very powerful photos. You have my vote.

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