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California In Every Sense

Lone Cypress

In the United States of America, we have fifty states. 48 of them are continentally connected. The third largest, behind Alaska and Texas, is California, a mass of the westernmost border of the continental US.

The uninformed, the average, may consider California to be full of huge houses, a wanna-be New York-esque downtown, when looked at in a larger sense you see so much more. What once seemed to be a single state breaks into many different aspects.

In this one state we have the hottest and coldest climates, within less than a hundred miles of each other. While California is home to the soft, sandy beaches as one travels up the coast they begin to see rocky, harsh ocean edges, unlike your imagined perfect day at the beach in California.

We have Disneyland, then we've got Yosemite National Park, across from the massive Sierra Nevadas, home of Mt. Whitney. In the Owen's Valley beneath it, the oldest tree on the planet lives, in harsh desert climates. Just beyond it lies Mammouth Mountain, a favorite ski and snowboard resort full of fantastic runs and breath-taking views.

The old cowboy spirits linger, as with the gold rush miner's, and the Spanish explorers'.

This land has a most uninhabitable desert, known as Death Valley, where temperatures climb to 120+ degrees.

In the same state we have the most desired climates in the world to live in, in our Southern California Coast with Malibu and such.

There is the history, rich, and ever-present, though sometimes masked by the distractions of the current fame and fortune.

In Los Angeles alone there is heaps of culture with art lining the streets and vendors selling everything from tacos to high heels.

Further up you have more national parks, more incredible sights, more reasons to be proud of this land we live in.

Fresh produce on street corners with every fruit imaginable. One of the most diverse populations in the nation, without a doubt

California is full of so much more than any of us will ever know.

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