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Diana- Princess of Plastic

Diana+/DianaF+ by lomography
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bleeding hand
bleeding hand

I have to say that I got my Diana+ in Lomo World Congress Edition 2007, included in the congress- package. So it was for free. But you can buy this light plastic love for under §50 in lomo- onlinestore.

Looking at her for the first time, I felt strange. This light weighing piece of plastic should make photos? But okay... I tried it and failed with the first few films. But somehow we both came together and images came out better and better.

I only use two of the four settings: The pinhole setting or the dark-cloud- setting. There are two more settings: bright sunlight and lightly clouded. Other specifics are two modes you can use. A normal mode (circa 1/60 sec) and the bulb mode. If you make long time exposures (e.g. for pinhole- shots) there is a little plastic thing you can stick next to the release to leave the shutter open.

Special about the Diana+ is her back (maybe she is J. Lo of cams???). You can insert several frames to her. A regular 6x6 cm- frame for 12 square shots, a small frame (4,2x,4,2cm) for 16 square shots or a panoramic frame that allows you to make an endless panoramic- shot. I really love the fact to have 16 square images (plus four compared to holga). Remaining a while on her back, there is something new to add. It's a 35mm- back with four different frames: regular 35mm- shots, panoramic shots, panoramic shots with sprocket holes and a frame for square shots with sprocket holes. Amazing. You do not have to count (like you haave to do with holga) and you can rewind the film easily.

Oh.... And I have to mention her front. You can unscrew her regular lens to make pinhole shots without any lens (it can remain on the cam though), but â?? thanks lomography- there are several new lenses for Diana+: A 20mm fisheye- lens, a 35mm super wide lens, a 55mm wide lens and a close up lens.

Diana has a bright sister, the DianaF+, who includes a flash (with coloured gel filters).

I am sure there will be more great Diana- products in near future.

If you want a light camera, that is easy to use with any film (120 or 35mm), you need a Diana!!!

I really love her!

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  • John Caruso

    John Caruso gave props (8 Dec 2008):

    I perfectly understand your love affair with Diana...her siren song is indeed intoxicating. I like what you've done with her.

  • Stéphane Heinz

    Stéphane Heinz gave props (18 Jul 2009):


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