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a new old camera- Lubitel166+

Lubitel166+ by lomography
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two cows
sunken boat
blind roll shooting
lubitel in action
behind barrs

"To begin at the beginning:

It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible- black..." (Dylan Thomas, 'Under Milk Wood')

It is not spring, it is autumn, but bible- black is my Lubitel, too.

It has the same apertures as Lubitel 166, so we start at 4,5 (a bit wider I guess) for night shots or with one thing in focus and blurry backround and end at 22 (for bright sunlight and nearly endless sharpness).

Shutter speeds are from 1/250 over 1/15 to bulb mode, so you can make longtime- exposures (and you can combine all apertures and settings). Another plus are the cloud- symbols that are added, too, so if you look at the sky and see clouds, you know what setting to take. Another way of knowing that, is the exposure guide on the back of the camera.

Distance- setting starts at (a bit less than) 0,8 meters and end at infinity. You have a hotshoe, so you can use a flash and you can add a cable- release to your Lubitel. For non- shaking shots, you can use your camera with a tripod. What I really like is the new lens- cap. It is not falling down all the time as the old ones...! And I like the leather neck straps, allowing you to carry your Lubitel on your chest, what is good for shooting, cause you have two different ways how to shoot.

1: From the hip. It is a lomo and how to use a lomo? You are right. From the hip. This viewfinder allows you to look through it and when you see a clear image in the display, you can shoot.

2: Have a close look. You have an additional lens you can unfold in the viewfinder, so you have a better look through it, can sharpen the image and shoot.

Your Lubitel166+ allows you not only to take 120- films, with Lubikin- adapter you can shoot 35mm- films, too! There is a 35mm- spool you can insert and a counter on the right side so you know how far you have to forward the film. What is totally new: You can rewind the film inside the camera. Not only 35mm, 120 films, too, so you can make double- exposures on one film by yourself or rewind the film totally to send it over to a double- partner throughout the world.

120 films can be shot 6x6, 6x4,5 or as endless panorama.

The new Lubitel166+ has so many PLUS- features that I really prefer it compared to the older models. I really like shooting 35mm with it and I am curious what new features there will be later on for that camera. But I think you need basic photography knowledge to use her, to have an idea of light, aperture and speed. But what I do if I am unsure: I take a shot with my lca, to see how long it takes with her...

Another way of shooting is using 220 film! So you shoot the film as "blind roll", not knowing how far you have to advance and if the shots will overlap. AMAZING results! And you can load the film the other wy round to have a redscale- effect on your shots...

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5 responses

  • W Michael Morgan

    W Michael Morgan said (6 Dec 2008):

    I love my Lubitel 166+. I spent month's on ebay looking for a vintage TLR, wanting to get back to grassroots photography of a fully manual camera. This IMO was the best way to do it, as it is way more versatile than any other TLR at a fraction of the cost. Ultra light, easy to use and it yields the most incredible contrast of B&W, and sick color saturations.

  • Diane Peterson

    Diane Peterson gave props (7 Dec 2008):

    this is well written..and interesting! My criteria for a vote...excellent!

  • Meg Raiano

    Meg Raiano (Deleted) gave props (7 Dec 2008):

    awesome :) thanks for the insight

  • Craig Fraizer

    Craig Fraizer gave props (15 Dec 2008):

    great essay, and photos, voted!

  • Stéphane Heinz

    Stéphane Heinz gave props (21 Dec 2008):

    I agree with you, I love my "new/old" Lubitel+ as well! :))

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