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wide pinhole camera

holga120WPC by lomography ?
street music
street music
selfportrait with holga120wpc
pinhole wagon

Take two ordninary holgas, stick them together with glue and make them as falt as the lca and you have the dimensions of holga 120 wpc. WPC? Ja, wide pinhole camera. And that is no lie! This giant piece of plastic shots 120° with the incredible negative size of 6x12,5cm. So you only have six shots on one 120 film. There is a smaller frame, too (6x9cm) which I haven't tried yet, cause I want the full 120 degrees. And adding three pictures together, you have a 360 degree round view. Amazing!

But it is a pinhole camera. Pinhole mean, it only has a tiny little hole instead of a lens. That means, too you have extreme exposure times. (On the back of the camera are the exposure times for a 100 asa film) What you have is sharpness from the first few centimeters till eternety (if your object is not moving). If you objet is moving, you have ghostlike creatures moving.

I recommend a tripod and a cable release!!! (try to find a cable release with a small screw so you can fix it and don't have to hold it (you might shake and it takes so long. Wait for winter and you will hate the cam because your fingers freeze))

For me it is still difficult to make indoor- shots. I haven't figures out, how long I have to expose and am still trying. And that's a quit expensive try with this film eating plastic toy. But I have to confess that I really, really like that camera. It is amazing for black and white panoramas of your city, for portraits and landscapes.

A must have when you are interested in pinhole- photography! And very cheap, too. About 50 Euros (app. 75 USD)

Troubleshooters load it with a 35mm film (do NOT forget to tape the red window!!!!).

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  • Isaac

    Isaac said (8 Dec 2008):

    fantastic grasp of the english language.

  • Paul Lavallee

    Paul Lavallee gave props (9 Dec 2008):

    great story! i love my WPC too!!!

  • stouf

    stouf (Deleted) said (13 Dec 2008):

    Great stuff Stephan !

  • Stéphane Heinz

    Stéphane Heinz gave props (21 Dec 2008):

    Great review Stephan!

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