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A sad little girl and her swing in the tree

aww,  a sad little girl and her swing in the tree

A little girl called antonia,swings everyday in my neighbourhood i guess she swings to get away.

She get bullied in school, people talk about her like she wasn't a living creature, but a creature.

Will anybody ever notice her, but people do!

She swings in the tree everday after school, she swings like if she only had this last day, and tryes to get away.

Everytime people says bad stuff to her she just run away, run away like it was her last run, and tryes to get away.

She tryes to get away from reality, reality that is death, bullying, poorness, shooting, money and power, and war.

War that got her dad away.

war you don't get away from.

Antonia is a girl that misses her dad, and tryes to get away,

away from something, you dont get away from.

Nothing will ever save Antonia, she swings to get away.

Antonia does not longer excist, Antonia stayed in the tree, hanged in the swing, Her cold face, was frightening, her beatiful eyes were now as cold as ice, you coldn't look her in the eyes without getting goosebumps, she just stared, stared at you.

she stayed there, until somebody moved her dead cold body away.

Away and never come back.

May Antonia and her dad live up there, upthere were you can't get away, and nothing bad excist.

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  • Ray Kenn

    Ray Kenn gave props (8 Dec 2008):

    An important message here that might help some others having these same feelings.

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