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Gone camping


These photos, are some of the best photos i have taken in my photography days. They may not be superb quality photos, but they sure represent the potential i have been told about. Some friends and I went camping in Greer, Arizona. It's a very small town and the people are very nice and welcoming, and maybe also a bit odd? Where to begin? Well on the drive up there i couldnt take my eyes off the window as I saw some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the country i could say. Once we reached our destination we set up camp. A friend and i took a short stroll through the woods to find one of the nearby lakes. Once we found the first one my camera was ready to shoot and the shooting i did. Unfortunately i only had one memory card and one battery...for five days! i shot sparingly which was very very difficult considering all of the beautiful scenery surrounding us. The first day seemed to go by a bit slow since we were all tired and just wanted to relax after the five hour drive. The first night went by and i underestimated how cool it would be in the evening (who would have thought it to be jacket weather in az during the summer?). The sun rose and we all woke up and trying to think of the days game plan. We decided to find a good fishing spot so we asked a few locals where to go. Some older folk had said there was a stream not to far from our campsite so we took the trek over there. We were lucky to find it but no luck on catching the fish. We sat our fishing rods through some trees so we wouldnt have to sit there and we could go explore a little bit. Two of my friends had went to explore before my fishing mate and I decided to catch up with them. As we did, and with the camera in my hands of course, i shot some of the inner beauty of the forest. We stayed along the stream which happened to be a very good idea and saw just a few people hiking by us for the hour or two we were exploring. I was a little disappointed to find no wildlife to photogragh but the scenery definitly made up for it. We headed back to the camp site to start a camp fire and get some food in our bellies. Another day passed and the sun waking us up early again the next day. This time we decided to check out some of the other surrounding lakes that were a little more hidden away. The furthest lake we went to was absolutely beautiful. We kept coming back to this lake until the end of our trip and i made sure i didnt miss one frame of sunlight on the lake. I literally used about 85 percent of my battery just photographing the same lake, its different angles, and just the surrounding beauty of it. I also happen to catch the first fish of my life at this lake, so it has more significant meaning than any other lake ive been too. The sun started to set and it just made the lake glow. I tried not to look away for a second but it also made the hills and trees surrounding the lake glow. It was almost unreal. This trip was definitly worth being filthy for five days and if i did not go on this trip, I would probably have less of an appreciation of landscape photography or nature itself then i would'nt have some of, if not my best photographs so far in my photography career, or so to speak. It was definitly the turning point where i realized that landscape photography was my absolute favorite and that this is what i want to take pictures of for the rest of my life.

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