The Project

I photograph flowers (a time-lapse poem)

bolitas negra
reaching out
red blossom
after the rain
little leaf

I photograph flowers

My latest assignment

In a no hard-news environment.

A frame every 25 minutes

to discover the miracle of movement

and creation

at the time of projection.

For a change I have time to do it

And even time to meditate about the abysmal distance in time

between each and every frame.

I experience an ephemeral sense of accomplishment and detect all the inner mechanisms

that feed anxiety, boredom and expectation

like a tiny inner clockwork movement

that always clicked,

that I never liked.


One more frame.

At projection speed I will need 23 more to make a second.




Not even half way there, yet.

Meantime the clouds move fast in the sky, it rains, it stops, it rains again and the rest of the world runs as fast as possible in pursue of everything else.


This self-imposed punishment is bound to teach me something,

something I don't even know how to describe

something I could never learn before

To click, to wait, to think, to stay.

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