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I am Canadian

It's that time of year, what 6, 5 days before Christmas.

Yes we all dream about having a white Christmas. I know we do in Canada...LOL

Ok it started early this year, end of November we got hit with a ton of snow, Some of the ski hill were very happy to open early , but this one (Blue Mountain) did not open. Why ? Its all about the cost of Hydro. They buy there hydro in blocks at a discounted price, The discount does not start until December 1 2008. Ok it gave me some great shot with fresh snow, bonus.

Ok back to 6 day before Christmas, and this year biggest storm is about to hit. 15 to 25cm (6 to 10 inch) more on top of what we got today and then more in two days, we are going to hit again with the same amount. The ski hills are just booming and the fresh snow is a welcome site, the more snow that fall the less they need to make.

WOW a dream come true, for most kids that will get a snow day. Oops the kids are now off for the holidays, hehehe.One more thing eating icicles can't be good can it?

Very cool I got someone to carry the gear, pull out some flashes and stands, pop open an umbrella and your set to go.

Ok it time to pull the cameras out and work out those white balance for snow. There're going to be some awesome shots out there, you just got to make it though all that snow. Also be careful

Post and post often, we'll all love to see snow and how much each area gets.

Thous that do not get snow, sit back and enjoy the images of snow.

Be safe and to all JPG"ers have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Neil Woo

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