My Precious

Taking pictures with my Optio E50

My Family
A Visit to my Dad
Moms Birthday
Sierra Family
with Liwanag Family
Xian with Couzin
Xian Christmas Picture

Taking pictures with my Option E50 is as easy as waking up in the morning, downloading it to my computer has no trouble either and uploading it to the internet via ACDSee Sendpix is elegant.

The rechargeable battery operated camera is very power efficient too, saving me a lot of electric consumption.

With this camera, i feel like i am a pro, the resolution is superb, i don't know any tricks on taking pictures but with this camera i don't want to worry about it.

Comes with a 1GB external SD card, i am taking pictures like a kid not worrying of the space. minimum file size is at least 1.5mb and since i am also bringing my mini laptop with me i always make it sure that i am not running out of space in my camera.

Though the concentration of my pictures is about my family, i would also like to take some shots on scenery, flowers, places and others.

I would like it also to be used in taking reviews with the foods, restaurant, hotels and other places i have been through.

And since my work requires me to be out in the office oftentimes, i would like to take also that moment to capture other day to day walks of life.

And since the camera is using a two double AA rechargeable battery, i am planning to buy a portable charger and some extra battery with me so that i am not going to loose an opportunity to take a pictures whenever and wherever i want to.

I am also recommending the simplicity of this camera to my colleague. Cheap price with better quality is not a bad choice at all. They have witness the quality of the pictures i have taken and they are all amazed with the output.

Till my next shots.

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