Gender Roles

This is a photographic study of gender in society. We are searching for photographs and stories about the traditional and nontraditional roles that men and women play in the community you call home.

Gender determines our destiny more than we may realize.

As babies, being a boy or a girl may determine how you are dressed, what toys you are given, and the visions your parents have for your future.

In middle childhood, we tend to segregate ourselves into single-gender peer groups. We model our play after our same-sex role models, and begin to adopt our own dreams for the future.

Elements of masculinity and femininity have solidified into our personalities by young adulthood. The gender role we adopt then affects us socially, academically, and professionally from then on.

Some believe gender is a social construction, but it has a biological basis. The ultimate expression of gender roles in society revolves around child rearing, marriage, and family. It is in this realm that gender most frequently becomes political.

For this study, show us images that portray the male and female roles in your family, community, or country. Gender roles may be traditional or modern, masculine, feminine, or androgynous. They may show the roles of husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, or groups of boys and girls.

Story submissions are strongly encouraged.