Story Challenge: My Precious

For the first time ever, we are making this weeks photo challenge a STORY challenge!

If you are new to JPG, Stories are a way to express your creativity, wisdom, or experiences with the JPG community through words and a collection of pictures.

"My Precious" stories are JPG's version of product reviews, where members write about their favorite, most precious piece of equipment.

Tell us about a product or accessory you use and love. It can be new or old, a hand-me-down or the hottest thing on the market. A flash, a lens, a camera... YOUR precious.

Since a Story Challenge is a bit different than a Photo Challenge, here's what to do:

1. Check out a few My Precious Stories for inspiration!
2. Decide what your favorite piece of equipment is (this may be hard)!
3. Take some photos USING Your Precious, to show the JPG community how truly amazing and wonderful it is.
4. Take one photo OF Your Precious... so we can see what it looks like!
5. Write a story about Your Precious, and include the photos.
6. Submit ONE PHOTO from your story to the Story Challenge theme, just like you would any photo challenge. (Submit one of the cool ones you took --not the product pic itself)

This seems like a lot, but its not really! Plus writing about something you use and love should be easy and fun!