Weather or Not

The weather affects everything we do. How we work and play, where we choose to live, how and when we shoot our images. The weather contributes light and mood and can play a central role in every image, especially those shot outdoors.

Submit your shots that involve, feature, center around or are supported by the weather to have a shot at the prize in this Shoot Out photo contest!

Don't forget that you can now enter images shot by other members (and get a chance to win 15% of the prize, if that image wins - while the original photographer will win 85%) - This is a great way to give props to the work of great photogs around the site!

This contest is closed

1st: $85.00, 2nd: $50.00, 3rd: $30.00

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winter thunderstorm and rainbow in the desert of utah by thomas o'brien


Storm on the Horizon by Heather Reid


Ominous by Billie-jo Miller