Photographs in the Rain

Purple flower by Saroj Swain

Photographers consider the bad weather as one of the worst things for shooting high quality photos outside. Shooting photographs, during drizzling rain adds to the beauty of flowers, leaves and buds with each rain drop. Bad weather, especially the raining time, is the best period to try out and shoot some rare and beautiful photo. If you have not ventured upon, you may try once. Then you will realize that rain drop is one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in this earth. You can target on falling drops of rain, green leaves, shape of levels, tiny insects and overall the small raindrops over bud, flower and everywhere. The grass, the rain drops and the bokeh effect are making it really appealing. Fresh and bright photo, rain is not just about darkness. Shining color of flowers, petals, leaves with rain drop in green or any dark background gives you good result. Though I am an armature photographer, I tried my best to take shots during rainy days.