Pink and Amber Skies

A Sunset Visual Symphony

A visual symphony awaits you every evening…the sunset.  Take ten to fifteen minutes at least a couple of times a week to get a truly relaxing experience when the day winds down to the night.  In the country, you can literally listen to things get quieter around you as the pinks, purples and ambers paint the sky.

Country, city, mountains, beaches – all offer their own brand of magic for an observant lenser.  When you can capture the interplay of the mesmerizing transition against buildings, water or even the eyes of your loved one, you can truly stir the soul.

Summer sunset by J Epp

Clear Lake Silhouette by Megan Noble

Summer Sunsets by Cory Young

Flatirons Summer Sunset by Greg Summers

love you sunset, love you summer by lena L.

Farewell to Summer by Jen Savage

Sunset at Sunset Beach by Ryan Bagley

Spring Mountain Sunset by Carolyn Burgess

Sunset over Guadeloupe Island by Jean Roger

First Flowers of Summer by Patrick Pedersen

sunset on 30th june by sandra d’souza

Midnight Sunset, Otto Lake, Alaska by Terry Boyd

If you’re able to get out and experience the sunset, take a few shots and upload to the site…and/or you could browse the pages of JPG and create collections of your favorite sunset images you come across. Either way, be sure to post your links to images and/or collections in the comments below!