A Cold Reception

Winter by Cody Weber

Yay… it’s winter!  As the snow begins to fall, it’s once again time for snowball fights, sleigh rides and drinking some toasty hot chocolate. It all sounds so fun right? Well…lets look at the downside of winter for a moment; the temperature plummets, roads get slick, flights get cancelled, roadways become hazardous and countless cars slide into the ditches.

Now this may sound like a dose of holiday cheer from old Scrooge himself, but, if you’re one of the countless many trying to reach a family destination this holiday season, the weather may stop you right in your tracks.

Check out these super cold shots from our JPG contributors, who bravely venture out in the dangerous freezing weather to capture these images.



Stay warm and safe this holiday season, but, if you’re hearty and brave, bundle up and document the winter storms in your area.  If a jaunt in the snow and the cold is not your calling, take a journey through JPG!  There are so many brrrr……ific images throughout JPG waiting to be unburied and put into a collection to share!  Let’s see what you can uncover!

Don’t be left out in the cold!