A New Years Start

The party's over by Michael Johnson

With the New Year just around the corner, it may be time for a bit of soul searching, reflection on the year past… a year of ups and downs, good choices and bad.  It makes a person really want to make the right changes for the new year.

We all make our resolutions, whether they are about losing weight, stopping bad habits, or finding a way to become less stressed.  These are all goals that may be lofty and hard to complete.  Perhaps its the preceding eve’s indulgences that cause us to ‘stutter’ a bit in our first steps…

But, it’s the thought that counts right?

There are so many parties to plan,  food to make and spirits to cheer. It can be a challenge  not to get so swept up in the moment, but, when you do indulge it can hinder your plans to break crisply into the new year with a firm resolve on your New Years Resolutions.

Whatever your plans for 2016… whatever your resolutions… we, here at JPG, wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

Check out these JPG party images to get you into the new year spirit.  It’s ok, you can indulge, these shots won’t leave you hung over the next day!

Partying looks fun, but, exhausting at the same time!  Have an amazing last day of 2015 and capture your last moments of this year to share with us at JPG.  We are quite sure that there will be some amazing New Years Eve shots and we are excited to see all the collections of your favorite images!

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See you next year!!