Adventure Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Adventure Contest

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Photographs judged by

Kerrick James

Shayla Roden


1st Place Winner

Alex Preiss

Winter Waves at Waimea Bay 16

“For me this image embodies the idea of Adventure, with tangible risk, a captured peak moment, natural beauty, and exhibited skill in both the subject (SUP guy) and also the photographer. It’s very well captured and rendered, not over processed, and it has a wow factor for me, as someone who’s spent a fair bit of time kayaking and in other water sports. This image stood out immediately from all the rest and to me is clearly the pick of the submissions, by far.”   -Kerrick James 

 “This image evokes beauty and danger of the ocean, with apprehension that everything could change within a second.  The paddle boarder is dwarfed by the size of the wave and yet they coexist in a very harmonious plane.  I like the darkness in the upper left corner of the frame, it’s matched by the violent plunging break of the wave; juxtaposed by the light that beams over the paddler’s build, creating a dynamic yin and yang image.”   – Shayla Roden

2nd Place Winner

 Andy Woodward

Highlining in Gallatin Canyon

Highlining in Gallatin Canyon by Andy Woodward
Highlining in Gallatin Canyon by Andy Woodward


“Risk is clearly part of the draw here, but it is the grace and balance of the highliner that makes the image sing for me. I also like the aloneness of the highliner, working their way thru space, and mastering it. For me images like this evoke a genuine awe of their skill and courage, and the clean composition and background create an understated stage for a bravura pursuit like this. This could be a magazine
cover image, a high tribute indeed.”  -Kerrick James 

“From lighting to composition this image is very nicely done and definitely communicates a palm sweating, adrenaline rush of adventure!  – Shayla Roden
3rd Place Winner
River Rat
river rat by Gail Haberman
river rat by Gail Haberman


“For me the expression of the kayak-er makes the image work. His intensity, fighting with and yet flowing with the energy of the moving water, bring this moment life and drama, while the spray droplets and high contrast highlights are graphically enhanced in this monochrome rendition. Exceedingly well shot and rendered, and a worthy image of personal adventure!”  -Kerrick James 

“I like the action of this image, the spray of the water and the turbulent current fighting every inch of the kayaker’s will. The monochrome really encapsulates the moment beautifully!” – Shayla Roden