Out of This World!

Alien Life Forms

It is easy to look around and be so familiar with your surroundings that nothing is a surprise.  When people age they loose the wondrous child-like awe and become jaded adults.  Luckily, however, we have photographers!  Photographers have the ability to awaken the mind and inspire.  Many of the images below are probably well known plant objects, however, the selected JPG photographers have put their own unique spin on these organic life forms and the result is out of this world!

Little Hooks by Keld Bach

Spring Unfolding by Antje Woolum

circular lines by Andrew Halpern

Alien Crab! by thomas gdisis

Cibulis by Deividas Kavoliunas

Tubes by Yaz Hawkins

Onion by Jason Lounds

Bloomin Cactus by Manuel Canseco

Octopus petal by Liliana Alves

Macro flower by Doug Dailey

Alien plant by Krister Parmstrand

Do you have any out of this world imagery and would like to share?  Please upload your images to the site, gather your links and share in the comment area below.  If you’ve started a collection of your favorite JPG photographers, you can post the link to the collection too!

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