Amber and Gold

Golden by Evelyn McIntyre

A picturesque day of amber, ruby, and gold falling leaves could beckon anyone for a quiet introspective walk outside. Time to get out the long, colorful scarves and the itchy wool sweaters for fall is here, if not almost already passed.   Melancholy day dreams swirl, with leaves, freshly broken and crushed by footsteps.  Yesterday’s Indian summer is gone and a chill has taken over the warmth of the sun’s rays.  Fear not though, a coffee shop brews just down yonder, leaving only a couple more rain puddles to splash through until the familiar and comforting aroma greets you with its warmth, leaving you with a smile.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, there is no question about it.  But, some fall days are plain cold and dreary.  Reading a book from the dusty shelf sounds far better than going outside to face a cold and windy day.  Better yet, grabbing a great read and heading down to the nearest coffee shop might be just what the soul seeks.

Take a look at these autumn shots.  There is nothing dreary, cold, or sad about them!  If fall looked and felt like how our JPG members captured it, we’d be outside all day!


Take time to get out and appreciate fall this year, it will be gone before you know it!  If fall has already blown away with the first winter storm in your area, start collecting your favorite fall images from around the site, there are heaps and heaps of them.  Remember that with every captured image, it is a great opportunity to share your talents with everyone here at JPG!!

Blown away and falling for fall!