As I See It. Philadelphia.

Please Recycle by Kurt Brennan

What city do you live in? What neighborhood?

I live in Southern Philadelphia just north of Oregon St.

What are some adjectives that describe your neighborhood?

Dirty, Crowded, Noisy, Urban

How long have you lived there, and what brought you there?

I’ve lived here for 5 months now. I came here looking for an opportunity to explore my photography in a different setting and hopefully jump start a career in photography.

What is your favorite thing about this place? Your least favorite?

My favorite part about Philadelphia is how short it is. All the buildings outside of center city are rarely taller than 3 stories. It lets the light cast interesting shadows during the day.

My least favorite is how dirty the area is. Nobody seems to care that the place looks like a dump.

Do you feel that you belong there?

I am definitely out of my element here. I’m a country boy in the big city.

What is the most common misconception about where you live?

So far Philadelphia has lived up to everything that I’ve heard about it. It is a dirty, dangerous place with many points of interest.

What is a special fact about your city that you have to live there to know?

Pat’s cheese steaks are better than Geno’s but the Roast Pork Italian from Tony Luke’s is the best sandwich in Philadelphia.

What aspect of your city do you secretly love?

This city sleeps and it likes to sleep late. Taking a walk around 7 in the morning is a lonely thing and you generally don’t see much activity until around 9.