Audacious Pink

What do you think?

Candy kisses, carnations and babies; oh how conventional pink can be.  Pink is soft… like a whisper… and light as powder freshly dusted on a baby’s skin, but, its just another classic mistake of identity.  Pink can be demure, like a mohair cardigan, or classic, like a timeless Cadillac.  Pink also may have the edge of a Harajuku girl. 

Hot Pink Rain Boots by Robert Vega

By The Woods by Emily Morgan

Heart by Jacobz Johan

Lightweight Jo by Mckay Jaffe

Kiss Me by Yolanda Romeo

pink by Robert Ordonez

Pink… by Brittany Gentile

rick + pink (raw) by blake mccollum

Untitled by andrea farell

Crown Victoria by James Stegeman

Untitled by james birkbeck

Harajuku Girl
by Tim Engle

Pink can be brash, unrefined and presumptuous.  Pink can be simple, supple and suggestive.

Pink is all these things and more… much more!

Show us your photographs showcasing pink in a cutting edge way, or even in a silly fun way…..its all good.  Upload all your faves and post links in the comment area or, if you don’t have one of your own find, a great image in the JPG ranks and post it below!  Even better, since we’re certain you’ll find more than one to share… start a collection and post the link to your great pink collection below for us to check out!